Our Capabilities

forniture and interior design
Interior design must be wonderful for us: so an high quality of fabrics, a superb craftsmanship, quality fillings and a perfect hand tailoring are the basic of our mission. But the work that doesn’t appear must be at the same level for us; for this we use the highest standard of working accessories.
With our last generation of multi-head embroidery machine, we can make unique your décor realizing any kind of embroidery in any shape and colours you wish. Just as we can customize your own sheets, towels or T-shirts or polo shirts for you stylish and your friends.
nautical upholstery
The marine upholstery is a great challenge for us, against the sea and the sun. Whether is made for indoor or outdoor, water, humidity, salty air and the sun, require the use of special materials: such as Dacron thread for stitching, stainless-steel staples to the closed-cell foam, nylon zippers and a lot of patience for a perfection that must be even greater.